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  • Savannah

    12 mai 2017 ( #photoshop )

    The May, 2017 edition of the Shift Art Photoshop Challenge is open for entries! Create art and get it posted on the site! Great prizes available!

  • Posé dans l'herbe

    02 juillet 2017 ( #photoshop )

    Use our set of images to create your own creative composite. Upload your finished artwork to us and you could win prizes from Corel!

  • C'est l'été!

    07 juillet 2017 ( #photoshop )

    The July, 2017 edition of the Photoshop Challenge is open for entries! Create art and get it posted on the site! Great prizes available!

  • Oracle

    17 août 2017 ( #photoshop )

    Challenge aux images imposées

  • Wich

    24 septembre 2014 ( #photoshop )

    Pm réalisé avec photoshop et Bamboo Epinglé par shadowness. Ressource modèle. Ressource citrouille

  • En rouge et noir

    04 avril 2017

    150 stock photos of Jamari Lior Shot against a clean background for easy selection high-resolution JPGsAverage rating of all bundled packages: 5 out of 5

  • Un autre monde

    20 mai 2013 ( #photoshop )

    Photomontage réalisé avec Ps et Bamboo Wacom Sur une base réalisée Par Allan, Thierry et Alain du Codex graphicum File contains: 1 Planet 2200x2000 Read my rules here before use. [link] CREDIT me in the description of your work. Comment on this page with...

  • Mermaid

    17 avril 2015 ( #photoshop )

    Compo initialement réalisée pour le challenge 17 advanced creation, mais ma participation ne sera pas validée car il faut être Français pour participer. Donc défi relevé pour le fun. Les mondes subaquatiques Credits: tian lai photo studio 9 August 2006...

  • Connected to the mountain

    22 avril 2015 ( #photoshop )

    Bonjour, je vous partage un travail réalisé pour un challenge et inspiré par la technique exceptionnelle des Studios Miagui. Use our set of images to create your own creative composite. Upload your finished artwork to us and you could win a Highlander...

  • Tulip

    29 juin 2015 ( #photoshop )

    This is the last one, I swear! This is a stock photo of my youngest daughter. Please see my main page for terms of use. I don't mind the images of my children used in dark, gory, etc, photo manipul... This is my seventh stock pack for butterflies. it...

  • Elixir

    02 juillet 2015 ( #photoshop )

    Cette compo a été réalisée sur base d'un challenge aux images imposées. Pour la réaliser j'ai utilisé la coupole et les bouteilles Flying!! ZOomMM!M!!MM!M!M! The fairy of cuteness!! Model is the adorable Stacy. This set has moderate exposure problems...

  • Liberty

    11 septembre 2015 ( #photoshop )

    PM réalisé avec photoshop et illustrator Rules in the Journal 325 such rich colors Parrot Side No rules. Use as you please, just nothing against the rules of dA. You might wanna check out my Dark Butterfly Competition, though. Butterfly 1 Hit download...

  • Photoshop creative 125 - Interview

    06 avril 2015 ( #Presse )

    cree avec photoshop et bamboo HD Photo Woman Reading Sms. Free Stock Photo. Free for private and commercial use Today's daily inspiration is a selection of very talented artists. Each piece that ... Credits: Challenge 113 photoshop creative Pm et painting...

  • Tatouage

    16 août 2016 ( #illustrator )

  • Au fond de l'océan.

    10 février 2015 ( #photoshop )

    PM créé avec photoshop Daily inspiration sur shadowness. Made with own resources! DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

  • Derrière les arbres...

    30 mai 2014 ( #photoshop )

    Pm avec photoshop et bamboo Le modele L'arrière plan imposé.

  • Mysterious forest

    29 octobre 2014 ( #photoshop )

    Just in time for Halloween manipulations, some witch stock. Share the love if you use it and link me to your work. I love seeing it! Please take the time to go to my main page and read my Stock Rules before downloading. Hit the download button for the...

  • A time of dream

    28 avril 2015 ( #photoshop )

    PM avec photoshop Model: Makeup: Wardrobe: My stock usage rules: If I list a model's icon on DA, it'd be kind of you to drop them a tag or a note letting them know you've used them, so they can see! If you like this... Prague Astronomical Clock. Free...

  • Red shoes

    01 juin 2015 ( #photoshop )

    Read my Journal for the Stock Rules. stock Unrestricted stock Premade stock 3888 x 4009 px If you use my stock in your work, its okey to use it for prints and commersial purpose, in and outside of Deviantart. You dont have to ask me first. ... stock photo...

  • Sorcière d'octobre.

    12 octobre 2015 ( #photoshop )

    Pm created with photoshop and graphic tablet Find More Art Daily Deviations Critiques Critiqueable Wallpaper Random Random Deviant Random Deviation Random Group just comment with link, if used cheers old mirror this was a part of the next premium pack,...

  • Photoshop creative 127

    29 mai 2015 ( #Presse )

    A la demande de Mr Mark White rédacteur du magazine Photoshop creative, ma compo Luciole figure dans l'issue 127 en page 6 Merci à lui pour l’intérêt qu'il porte à mon travail. Product Description If you want to understand how Photoshop works and how...

  • La forêt aux champignons.

    05 février 2016 ( #photoshop )

    PM et painting réalisé avec photoshop. Model: Me Photo by Carlotta Golfrè RULES: - Please add this pic at you favourites if you download it - ALWAYS send me the link of your work and quote me - Feel free to use it for your works, but..... Please read...

  • Sweet teddy

    05 novembre 2014 ( #photoshop )

    PM réalisé avec photoshop et bamboo Teddy bear nounours Please notify me if you use this and link to my gallery Attention: Download for full sized image.

  • Lanterne de sérénité

    05 novembre 2014 ( #photoshop )

    Oni Chan ( ) looking doomed and fated as the bride of death. Or maybe a vampire. Or... any supernatural that likes to eat pretty grrrls. Some Halloween madness for you!! For usage see STOCK MADE BY ME WITH 3D ,PURCHASED RESOURCES OR MY OWN PHOTOS! Some...

  • Mask

    13 novembre 2014 ( #photoshop )

    Created with photoshop and graphic tablet: draped full painting Feel free to use this stock image...but remember the rules please...if used, give me a link to your artwork, credit me in your description and fave my stock...thank U !...I would be pleased...

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